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       EnTer thE woRLd  Of                                                              


To enter the world of Hinterland guests must first pass through its portal. Once inside, the lines of reality and the dark dimensions of the Hinterland will blur together. If you don't go insane within the first few moments, then you just might be strong enough to venture forth into the foggy abyss.. and what will you encounter after this? Well.. we will leave it up to you to tell the tale.. 




If YoU CAN MaKe iT...

iN HiNtERLaND yOu wiLl EXpeRIenCE Gut WRencHiNG sUsPense,
UnForGettaBle enViroNments, and Heart pOuNDing adRenaline Rushes.. THInk YOU CAN SURviVe??

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